Manifestation Candles

Take advantage of our introductory prices! We only made 3-6 candles of each style, & do to the uniqueness of the containers we use, we are not able to restock a lot of these products. We will continue to add more new and different candles.
All candles are curated for each individual candle purpose. With oils and herbs that are good for each manifestation. A lot of energy was put into these candles, from the time the wax was being melted and mixed, to the packaging. 

To begin, the person performing the spell needs to select the color candle (we take care of this for you) best suited to their end goal. It is recommended that a fresh candle is used for each new spell, but previously burnt candles can be used for the same intent. The reason for this is that is it said that candle pick up vibrations from other objects around them whilst burning and a new candle is therefore more effective. 

 Each candle must be dressed before use. This can include coating in oil (also called anointing), rolling in magickal herbs or carving the candle with words and intentions. This is all done by us Moonstacks. We have already prepared and curated your candle. You just have to to the paragraph below, and carve the candle with words and intentions. You can also write them down in a piece of paper fold, and place under candle.

The person casting the spell must then focus their energy on the candle for a few minutes before it is lit. While visualizing their intent, the candle is then lit and the intent amplified while the candle burns.

WARNING: Candles containing herbs & crystals/stones are more flammable. Please take care when lighting candles and never leave a burning candle unattended.Please be careful & do not burn out of sight.


Please recycle/re-purpose glass dish with lid.